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Silom Thai Brasserie

Thai Restaurant Bird can be found on the Zeedijk since 1993: culinary wizards who can put the most delicious Thai dishes on the table... most of the time even better than you will get them in Thailand! Now these Thai food lovers have opened a beautiful Brasserie in the Voetboogstraat: Silom Thai Brasserie. Owner Patrick promised us: you can eat at least as good food here as in Bird!

Modern and traditional Thais food

Silom Thai stands for discovering of unfamiliar, special Thai dishes from all over the country, as well as for enjoying familiar, authentic Thai dishes. At Silom Thai Brasserie you can therefore choose from two different menus: taste special dishes such as spring rolls with mint, fried grasshoppers or pink fried rice (based on a secret recipe!) from the Discover Thailand Menu. Or how about crocodile meat satay! If you prefer to enjoy traditional Thai comfort food, choose a delicious curry, rice or noodle dish from the Traditional Thai Menu.

Groups and private dinners

Where you cannot make a reservation at Bird, this is not a problem at Silom Thai Brasserie. A table for two, or for a whole group? The Brasserie is happy to welcome you all. Silom Thai has a private dining area for groups of up to 28 persons, so you can also go here for your meeting, private party or dinner or (late) lunch.

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