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Bloemenmarkt (Flower market)

Bloemenmarkt (Flower market) Amsterdam

Amstelveld: Monday 9am - 3pm

During this cozy market, the square is full of plants and flowers. In the past, all kinds of poultry were sold here: chickens, pigeons and colorful birds. These can no longer be found here, but for beautiful plants or flowers you are still at the right place on the Amstelveld.

Boerenmarkt (Farmers market)

Boerenmarkt (Farmers market) Amsterdam

Noordermarkt: Saturday 9am - 4pm

Although it used to be quite normal for farmers to sell their wares in the city, there was no farmer's market in Amsterdam until the late 19th century. In 1987 a number of organic farmers started the first Dutch Farmers Market, at the foot of the Noorderkerk (Noorderchurch). Nowadays there are more than 70 stalls here every week, with much more for sale than just farm products: antiques, curios, design, traditional and sustainable products, clothing, snacks, jewelry, Oriental carpets, visual art, antiquarian books, rare LPs and art house films... it can all be found here! Photo by Sergio Scalleja.


Noordermarkt Amsterdam

Noordermarkt: Saturday 9am - 4pm

"It looks like the Noordermarkt here" was an Amsterdam statement in the early 17th century. The Noordermarkt, formerly known as the Princenmarkt, was a rag and patch market where it was always very busy and cluttered. On Monday, women 'turned around patches' which made that day known as patch day. The market later also grew into a center of the pigeon trade. The market first took place between the Prinsengracht and the Noorderkerkhof, which was located there. The cemetery was moved in 1688 due to lack of space.


Lindenmarkt msterdam

Lindengracht: Saturday 9am - 4pm

The long street on the muted canal is ideal for a market! The market has existed for almost 120 years and has more than 230 stalls. Previously, the market was only for hawkers, but later it became a day market where everything could be sold. It is still a very diverse market, about a kilometer long. All this in the middle of a the super Jordaan neighborhood, highly recommended as a Saturday activity!


Westerstraatmarkt msterdam

Westerstraat: Monday 9am - 1pm

The market in the Westerstraat, not to be confused with the Westermarkt (which is not in the Jordaan, but belongs to the canals), is also known as the patch market: a wealth of delicious fabrics, patches, leather, clothing, curtain fabric and much more can be found here. The market exudes a real Jordaan atmosphere with a lot of Amsterdam humor: Theinhabitant come here on Monday morning to 'smack' the merchants. There are 163 market vendors; real craftsmen who give the market an authentic touch; the surrounding terraces do the rest.

Organic market

Biological market Amsterdam

Nieuwmarkt: Saturday 10am - 5pm

For years, you can go to the Nieuwmarkt every Saturday for all your organic groceries. This market is known for its extensive and varied range. Nevertheless, the market is very clear. The striking De Waag building is the centre of the square. Goods used to be weighed here. Nowadays you can go there for coffee, lunch, drinks and dinner. Around this farmer's market you will find Chinatown, with a large number of toko's with Asian products. In short: all ingredients are present for a perfect day of shopping.

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