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Old Town scavenger hunt

This scavenger hunt is currently out of stock due to yearly revision. Check out our scavenger hunt for adults through Jordaan. Would like to know everything about the historic old town? Then you've come to the right place! The scavenger hunt takes you on a discovery tour through the old town and leads you through the unique, historic city center with special places, people and stories. The scavenger hunt is perfect to introduce high school students or university students to the history of the city during a school trip to Amsterdam.

Route of the scavenger hunt

The walking route runs along the Nieuwmarkt, Chinatown, the Zeedijk, the Damrak and the Begijnhof and then back along the Amstel and the Zuiderkerk to end the Nieuwmarkt. The questions are aimed at gaining as much knowledge as possible about Amsterdam's history; the questions have a large variety. The route runs in a circle; where you start you also end. That is why you can decide where you want to start on the route yourself. A perfect activity in Amsterdam with friends or family. We also offer the scavenger hunt in Dutch.

Scavenger hunt package

The scavenger hunt consists of a steady folder, 26 stops with text and colour photos and an answer form. The laminated map shows the walking route and the stopping points. You will also receive a pen and the correct answers in a closed envelope so that you can check your answers afterwards. You can do the scavenger hunts when it suits you and you can keep all the material afterwards. A scavenger hunt package costs € 25,00. You also support our neighborhood project and the promotion of local companies.

Order the scavenger hunt

The price is € 25,00 per package including shipping costs within the Netherlands. Order your scavenger hunt easily via the button below.

"My friends and I did the old town scavenger hunt a few weeks ago and had a really great time. Have had to do the tour again for some other friends and it’s been really enjoyable — it’s definitely upgraded our walks, and much better than getting restless on a terrace still!"
"We had a wonderful afternoon with my family. I have lived in Amsterdam for years, but came to places where I had never been."
"We really liked it, everyone had a task, we visited things like the temple and the Chinese supermarket. The scavenger hunt was great."
"We had received everything in good order and the everyone had a nice day. We found the walk very enjoyable and interesting. And the people from Amsterdam also got new facts that they didn't know yet!"

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