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Jordaan scavenger hunt

Get to know the beautiful Noorderkerk, the quiet courtyards, the characteristic canals and of course... The pearl of the Jordaan! With this scavenger hunt you can walk through the entire Jordaan at your own pace and when you have settled into one of the cozy cafes afterwards you will know much more about this beautiful area. The scavenger hunt is also suitable for high school students or university students to introduce them to this special neighborhood during a school trip to Amsterdam.

Route of the scavenger hunt

The walking route runs straight through the Jordaan, bounded by the Brouwersgracht on the north side, the Elandsgracht (south), the Lijnbaansgracht on the west side and the Prinsengracht (east) and covers various themes such as the history, the uprisings, the folk singers and the inhabitants of the Jordaan. The route runs in a circle; where you start you also end. That is why you can decide where you want to start on the route yourself. A perfect activity in Amsterdam with friends or family. We also offer the scavenger hunt in Dutch.

Scavenger hunt package

The scavenger hunt consists of a steady folder, 26 stop points with text and colour photos and an answer form. The laminated map shows the walking route and the stopping points. You will also receive a pen and the correct answers in a closed envelope so that you can check your answers afterwards. You can do the scavenger hunts when it suits you and you can keep all the material afterwards. A scavenger hunt package costs € 25,00. You also support our neighborhood project and the promotion of local companies.

Order the scavenger hunt

We send the scavenger hunt(s) by post for the shipping costs (€ 4,55 for 1 or 2 scavenger hunt(s) and € 6,50 for 3 or more scavenger hunts). Living outside of The Netherlands? Let us know and we will inform you about the shipping costs. Of course you are also very welcome to pick up the package at our office, we advise you to make an appointment in advance per telephone to make sure you will not face a closed door. Order your scavenger hunt easily via the button below.



  • "Today we did a scavenger hunt through the Jordaan in the context of a bachelor party with a group of 12 and it was very successful. Most of us are from Amsterdam and surroundigs, but we still had a very educational afternoon. The scavenger hunt was setup nicely and you enter streets where you hardly ever come. "

  • "I would like to share our feedback with you as promised. It was wonderful! We walked together with friends, lovers of the beautiful highlights of Amsterdam and they were very enthusiastic!"

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