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PANCAKES Amsterdam

Have you already tasted the Dutch traditional pancakes? Pancakes are eaten worldwide and there are plenty of pancake houses in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, PANCAKES Amsterdam stands out among the traditional pancake houses: with original recipes, PANCAKES Amsterdam gives a twist to this traditional dish. They serve high-quality pancakes, prepared with fresh, nutritious ingredients and fair trade and free-range products and local suppliers are used as much as possible.

The flour for the pancakes is traditionally ground by the flour mill 'de Windotter' and is also sold at the various locations. PANCAKES Amsterdam is always looking for the best quality products, free from harmful colors, aromas and preservatives. Curious how many pancakes PANCAKES Amsterdam has already served this year, and how many eggs have been used? On the PANCAKES Amsterdam website you will find a counter that keeps track of this accurately. PANCAKES Amsterdam is a family business, founded in 2007 in the Berenstraat. In ten years five locations have been added, one of which is on the Zuidas. See the map and blocks below for information about the five locations in the center of Amsterdam.

Pancakes for every taste and every diet

PANCAKES Amsterdam is the place to enjoy the traditional Dutch pancake with a twist. Dutch, handmade and refreshing; they provide a unique, fun and unconventional pancake experience. PANCAKES Amsterdam has more than a dozen Dutch and American pancakes on the menu. Did you know that you don't have to leave your pancake if you are allergic to any of the ingredients? Although they cannot fully guarantee that the products are free from allergens, they are proud to also serve gluten and lactose-free pancakes. The preparation may take a little longer, but the variety of pancakes and the great taste are still guaranteed.

Opening hours

Location Westermarkt

  • Daily from 8am-8pm

Location Negen Straatjes

  • Daily from 8am-6pm

Location Centraal

  • Daily from 8am-8pm

Location Aan 't IJ

  • Daily from 9am-5pm

Location Spui

  • Daily from 8am-8pm

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