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Resistance Museum

This museum is about the Netherlands in times of World War II. From May 1940 to May 1945, the Netherlands was occupied by Nazi Germany; the Resistance Museum shows how the Dutch responded to the increasing repression. Attention is not only paid to the resistance: various permanent and temporary exhibitions paint a picture of the society in which the resistance took place. An important story for young and old!


Imagine yourself back in the time of the Second World War: large color posters on the walls and authentic objects give a global picture of the Netherlands in the occupation period. Look through holes, flip panels and find the history of the wartime people. The exhibition is interactive and the visitor must literally search and peek at what was going on at the time. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there is always a temporary exhibition. The museum considers it important that these exhibitions provide a clear link to the present so that visitors can relate to the story well.

Risstanse Museum Junior

In the award-winning junior exhibition, the young visitor goes back to war by a time machine. Here they follow the stories of four children who lived during the war: Eva (a Jewish girl), Jan (whose parents are in the resistance), Nelly (is in the youth club of the Dutch Nazi party) and Henk (from an everyday family). From these four perspectives, young people are introduced to the most poignant period in recent Dutch history: the Resistance Museum tells a story that is important and remains important. Those who visit the Resistance Museum Junior will receive a beautiful detective booklet at the counter. Did you know that the junior exhibition also has a mobile version? In a trailer of almost 11 meters, the story of Eva, Jan, Nelly and Henk visits schools, community centers, events and libraries in Amsterdam and the surrounding area on request.


In the section about the Dutch East Indies, the story is told of people from different population groups: white Dutch, Dutch Indies, Indonesians and Chinese. The anecdotes are shown in sets that depict the atmosphere of the situation. In addition, there are also many special authentic objects on display here, which the museum has acquired especially for this department. In the line-up, the resistance against the Japanese - about which little is known - is extensively discussed.

Opening hours

  • Monday until Friday 10am-5pm

  • Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 11am-5pm

except on:

  • 1st of January, 27th of April and 25th of December closed

Address details

Entrance fees

  • Regular: € 12,00

  • Children from 7 untail 17 years: € 6,50

  • Children until 6 years old and Museumcard: free

  • Family tickets available

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