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Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

In the middle of a green part of the Red Light District (also called the "Green Light District" by the museum itself) you will find this special museum, entirely dedicated to Cannabis Sativa L.: the plant which is also known as hemp or marihuana. The museum has a special collection that covers all aspects of cannabis, facilitates scientific research and fulfills an important informative function. The museum therefore functions as an educational center, which means that the museum can perfectly be visited by (high) school groups.

In 1985 the Dutch entrepreneur and philanthropist Ben Dronkers, together with his friend Ed Rosenthal, opened the Hash Info Museum in the Red Light District. Only one day after the official opening, the museum was closed by the Minister of Justice. However, Ben Dronkers was (and is!) persisting. He successfully contested the closure and reopened the museum a week later. After a few years, the info center was renamed to Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum.

Applications of cannabis

That cannabis in the form of hash or marihuana is mainly smoked as a recreational drug, cannot be ignored while in Amsterdam - amidst all the coffee shops. But did you know that cannabis has been used as a medicine for over 5000 years? Over time and across many different cultures around the world, cannabis has been a valued resource for many medical uses. In addition, cannabis was (and is) a sacred plant to many people, which has been historically used in religious ceremonies across cultures from South East Asia to North America. From hemp (the fiber-producing varieties of cannabis that contain less than 0.2% THC), the seeds are used in food and for oil, and the fibers are used to produce everything from eco-friendly clothing and furniture to extremely strong auto parts.


The museum exhibits the world wide history of cannabis and shows special objects and art all made of or related to cannabis. This will help you understand the connection between Columbus and cannabis, that hemp was already used for clothing in old era Japan and how cannabis was used in old medicines. In addition, the museum is always the setting for interesting and beautifully displayed temporary exhibitions on cannabis.


Opening hours

  • Daily 11am-6pm

except on:

  • 1st of January noon-10pm

  • 27th of April closed

  • 24th, 25th and 31st of December 10am-6pm

Address details

Entrance fees

  • Regular: € 9,00

  • Group (from 10 persons): € 7,20

  • Children from 4 till 12 years old: € 0,00

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