Ripley's Believe It or Not! Amsterdam

An amazing world comes to life behind the doors of this five-floor attraction. A world in which you have to decide for yourself whether what you read and see is really true. Believe It or Not! This museum is full of quirky, funny, incredible and interactive objects and stories. Even before you enter the museum you can already measure yourself against the tallest man in modern history: Robert Wadlow, with a disgusting height of 2.72 meters. You can also see a Bugatti Veyron, all made of wood!

The tour lasts approximately 1 to 1,5 hours. Ripley's famous "shrunken heads" are featured, you can discover a 7-meter high robot made from auto parts and then there's that wacky Space Tunnel! Fantasy comes to life by visiting the rooms that all have different themes: from the room with great sea creatures to a playful music room, where the most iconic pop artists are shown in the most bizarre ways.

After the tour you will end up in the beautiful lounge area where you can enjoy a drink or snack. This space is located at the very top of the building and offers a magnificent view over Dam Square. Above, a virutal reality game can also be played for just € 5,00 per person. Try roller coasters, flying simulations, extreme sports or the City Hammer!

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Opening hours

  • Daily from 9am-22pm

  • School groups can make a customized group appointment by filling in the form on their website

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Entrance fees

  • Regular: € 19,50

  • Children until 17 years old: € 13,50

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