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Liqueur tasting

Around 1600 Amsterdam was one of the most important 'depots' in the world, where ships full of goods, herbs and spices were brought to. Monks and spice traders infused beneficial herbs into alcohol. To make the drinks drinkable, sugar was added with the result: liqueur. Since the Golden Age, Amsterdam has its own liqueurs in many flavours and colours. Dreamy drinks made with citrus peel and apricots, silver and gold flakes, cloves and countless other spices brought by the VOC.

Option 1: small liqueur tasting

In a cozy tasting room on the Zeedijk you are most welcome for a tasting of Old Dutch liqueurs, with an explanation by the friendly host. Discover the origin of the names and customs around the liqueurs. A small-scale tasting with a personal approach. During the tasting you will get three different liqueurs in small glasses. The host tells about the origin of the liqueurs and the customs around drinking liqueur. The location is also open to other guests, so if you want (extra) attention from the host we advise you to plan the tasting outside the busy hours in the weekend or on a weekday.

Option 2: liqueur tasting with guided tour


During this tasting you will get to taste 2 liqueurs, 2 genevers, 1 brandy and 1 bitter from a famous Amsterdam distillery. You will also get a 15-minute guided tour of the distillery, so you can see where and how all these treats are made. You will taste the various refreshments in the special tasting room, where the old tradition of bowing to a drink is still being honored. In addition, during the tour you will learn more about the history of the distillery, which has existed since 1679 and the origin of the names of Old Dutch liqueurs such as Hansje in de Kelder (Hansje in the Basement), Roosje Zonder Doornen (Rose without Thorns) and Bruidstranen (Bridal Tears).

Reactions on the liqueur tasting

"We were welcomed with open arms and enjoyed the tastiest liqueurs and snacks with explanations. The time was taken for us."
"It was very successful. Delicious liqueurs, fine explanations and a great place to sit. Thanks for the effort you and your colleague put into it."
"The tasting was very nice and highly recommended. The host was a nice man. We also got some snacks."


  • 2-12 persons

  • Small tasting: 30 minutes
    Large tasting: 60 minutes (incl. guided tour)

  • Small tasting: € 10,00 per person
    Large tasting: € 17,50 per person

Reserve or more information?

  • Contact us

  • Option 1 is available daily from 2pm, except Saturday nights due to peak times

  • Option 2 can be reserved on Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm, 4.30pm, 6pm and 7.30pm

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