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Butchery Vet (sandwiches)

The Slagerij Vet family business has been located on the Zeedijk for generations and is a true quality butcher with a love for the job. The sandwiches are a well known name in and around Amsterdam and a good idea for lunch or as a snack when spending your day in Amsterdam. In addition to the most delicious meat products, Slagerij Vet also offers meals, soups and stews - depending on the season. But the most important thing is of course the meat such as Amsterdam meatballs, buttery steaks and crispy pork chops.

You have been warned: one 'Sandwich Zeedijk' is enough for a lifelong addiction. Butcher Huib Vet even has a separate work spot for his most popular sandwich, due to the popularity of the sandwich. Of course he does not reveal his secret. And the best part of this all, is that everything on the sandwich - from the chicken (smoked in their own butcher shop) to the sauce - is homemade. You just have to experience it yourself. And after that you can never walk past Slagerij Vet again without getting this sandwich.

During our affordable Taste the Old Town arrangment you can taste various Amsterdam delicacies during a walk through the old city. A Sandwich Zeedijk is of course included in this package. You can also taste the famous sandwich during our Experience the Old Town arrangement.

Opening hours

  • Monday until Friday 7.30am-6pm

  • Saturday 7.30am-5pm

  • Sunday closed

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