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De Prael

In the heart of the oldest part of the city, you can see and taste how craft beer is made at the former beer quay at De Prael brewery. Various beers are brewed in their own brewery. The brewery and shop are located in a former auction house and cartwright's workshop. In the brewery you can participate a guided tour and in the tasting room you can different kinds of beer which are brewed in their own brewery. They also servce delicious food in the tasting room, where you can also join a beer tasting. A fun activity for you and your party.

Employees of De Prael

De Prael Brewery was established in 2001 by Arno Kooy and Fer Kok. The aim of the brewery is first of all to get delicious draft beer, but also to create workplaces for people whi are disadventage in the working field. According to De Prael, everyone deserves the same opportunities. The labor market is not inclusive, there are many people at home who would like to work, but for whom opportunities have been taken away due to circumstances. They believe that the labor market should adapt to this ever-growing group. "A labor market should be accessible to everyone" according to Arno. Arno and Fer started De Prael together to fill the gap in the labor market and to offer paid employment and training to people who have been put aside by society.


Every 2.000 liters of beer that De Prael brews and sells, guarantees one work and learning place. Beer from De Prael therefore helps people to work immediately and creates more heroes on the work floor. Everyone who works at De Prael gets the opportunity to follow an education.

Opening hours store and tasting room

In the store you can buy all kind of nice beer gifts during the following opening hours:

  • Wednesday till Monday noon - 7pm

  • Tuesday closed

In the cozy tasting room you can taste delicious beers from draught during the following opening hours:

  • Thursday till Saturday: noon - 1am

  • Sunday till Wednesday: noon - midnight

Guided tours through the brewary are available during the following opening hours:

  • Monday till Friday: 1pm - 6pm each hour

  • Saturday and Sunday: 2pm - 5pm each hour

News letter

Monthly news (in Dutch)