Ellis Gourmet Burger

Ellis Gourmet Burger is named after Ellis Island, through which many Europeans emigrated to New York last century. They brought the concept of the "Hamburg steak" to America, where initially the hamburger was mainly prepared to lure the new immigrants into the eateries. In America, the 'hamburger' has subsequently undergone many transformations and we can say that the dish was really perfected there.

Ellis Gourmet Burger's mission is to reintroduce this American quality burger in Europe and show that with really good products, continuing to refine the recipes and the help of product specialists and star chefs, you get the most delicious burgers. Ellis Gourmet Burger has several branches in France and Belgium. And besides the Dutch locations in Breda, Rotterdam, Utrecht, the restaurant has three locations in Amsterdam, namely on the Prinsengracht, the Gravenstraat and the Singel.


Once you step inside Ellis, there is no turning back; the delicious hamburger smell will meet you, so you will really not leave without a burger. Luckily, Ellis Gourmet Burger has a very nice menu, for either a seating dinner or a take-away meal. In addition to various 'classic' gourmet burgers, the menu also includes several 'veggie' burgers, two 'tribute' burgers and five different 'signature' gourmet burgers.

So whether you like blue cheese on your hamburger, rather have chicken, want to try the carrot burger or just stay with a version of the 'regular' burger, you are at the right address. Furthermore, there is a nice seasonal burger on the menu and you can go to Ellis for delicious side dishes and of course the American milkshakes! No time or desire to go outside? Deliveroo, UberEats and Thuisbezorgd deliver the burgers to your home or office in the city center.


Besides the fact that you can go to Ellis Gourmet Burger to eat, you can also have a drink here: the drinks menu contains all kinds of cool and alcoholic refreshments, including wine, bubbles, various beers, liqueurs and... not to forget: cocktails! In our opinion, this with finger food such as nachos, calamari, onion rings and Dutch bitterballen is the perfect recipe for a fun time out. And did you know that both the Prinsengracht and the Singel locations have a lovely sunny terrace in the summer?

Groups dinner

For group reservations Ellis Gourmet Burger Prinsengracht is the best option; the ground floor with its own bar can be booked privately for drinks with larger groups. It is also possible to eat or drink inside, in the back of the room. However, this section cannot be closed. For large parties, the terrace can also be rented in part or in whole. Menus can be put together from the entire exsiting menu but also a package price is an option.

Opening hours

Location Prinsengracht

  • Sunday until Thursday 11.30am-10pm

  • Friday and Saturday 11.30am-11pm

Location Gravenstraat

  • Monday until Sunday 11.30am-10pm

Location Singel

  • Monday until Sunday 11.30am-10pm

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