Cheese tasting

In a interactive, personal and expert manner, a cheese tasting is given in a tasting room that is located in an attractive, classic building on the Singel. Taste the delicious cheeses with a glass of wine or port. The tasting starts with a short introduction of about 10 minutes, explaining the history and philosophy behind the cheese. Then you will see a video of 2 to 3 minutes, including images of the large cheese warehouse. After this the tasting can start!

During the cheese tasting, 6 different types of cheeses are tasted, ranging from young to old cheeses and also goat cheeses. A suitable drink (red wine, white wine and port) is served with the different cheeses, which enhances the taste even more. In the shop above the tasting room you can buy a piece of cheese to take home. The cheese is conveniently packed and can therefore be used as a gift or souvenir.

Combine and profit

Combining a cheese tasting with a liqueur or genever tasting? Combi tickets are available for only € 27,50 per person. A cheese tasting in combination with a cruise (€ 26,00 per person) and a combination of cheese tasting, liqueur or genever tasting and cruise (€ 36,00 per person) is possible. After choosing the desired date and time, you can easily book the desired tickets.

Book the cheese tasting directly at the tasting room via the button below.
Boek direct de kaasproeverij


  • From 4 persons, maximum 20 persons

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Price: € 17,50 per person

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