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VR Gamehouse

Have you always wanted to try Virtual Reality? VR Gamehouse provides a unique experience which you will not forget soon. Whether you are looking for an activity for 2 people or for a whole group, the enthusiastic employees of VR Gamehouse will arrange it for you. Your VR experience runs smoothly from the moment you step in to the moment you leave the arcade. You will receive personal guidance both during the introduction of the VR experience, but also during the selection of the games. The games are selected by the employees themselves, extensively tested and updated before they are provided to their clients.

Virtual reality in Amsterdam

You are in the VR experience together: you are active in the same VR world at the same time and you can see each other and work together to complete the quest. Sitting still is not an option: balance on a shelf on the top floor of a skyscraper, shoot around to save the world, battle zombies, take a trip back to the Middle Ages to fight orcs with bow and arrow and dragons and much more! Your fellow players who are taking a rest can watche the others players their activities on large TV screens hanging above the players. This of course ensures beautiful photos and above all a lot of hilarity... no one has to be bored!

Teambuilding, family activity, children's party

The VR experience is ideal for team building, children's parties and family activities, but also to give as a gift for someone's birthday. Did you know that it is possible to celebrate a fully catered children's party at VR Gamehouse? They selected various games especially for children and are happy to provide complete guidance for the children. Although you can just walk into the store for a game and ask on the spot if there is a place available, making a reservation via the website is much appreciated.

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