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Experience the Old Town

Get to know locals residents, taste local specialties and participate in different assignements in the old town. In short "Experience the Old Town, Experience Amsterdam!" During this day you will get to know Amsterdam in a completely different way. This activity is therefore different than usual and we are very proud that we are able to offer this.

What can you expect?

After welcoming the group for a short explanation, the activity begins. Smaller groups will start with walking tours and during the tour questions need to be answered of attractions in the old town such as the Red Light District, the Buddhist Temple in Chinatown and the Royal Palace. Collaboration and creativity are essential in this. Of course there is also time for relaxation! On the route you go in at various locations to meet with a local resident, an impressive performaner and to taste various local specialties.

Encounters and performances

The groups meet Rembrandt's wife: Saskia van Uylenburgh at a historic location. She will tell about her life in Amsterdam in the 17th century with her colourful husband Rembrandt van Rijn. In a local theater, the groups are treated to an amazing performance. Finally, they will stop at a typical Dutch bar on the Zeedijk and meet a former detective of Bureau Warmoesstraat, who will tell stories from the time of Appie Baantjer, when the Zeedijk was still a dangerous area.


Get to know local specialties, such as an Old Dutch liqueur called 'Bruidstranen' (bridal tears). Taste the beer 'Bitterblond' brewed at the former beer quay. On the Zeedijk the groups will get a well known delicacy and we promise: once tasted, forever an addiction! Finally, a passionate local shop owner lets you taste her home made chocolate. After this exciting program all groups come together and the winning group will be announced. The members of the winning group will of course receive an appropriate prize.

Price and time indication

The price for this 5-hour activity depends on the number of people:

  • € 57,50 per person (from 20 persons)
  • € 50,00 per person (fromn 30-49 persons)
  • € 45,00 per person (from 50 persons)

The mentioned prices include: discovery tour with map per group, welcoming with coffee/tea, explanation and award ceremony, tasting of four local products, meeting with three local residents, a prize for the members of the winning group and a drink during the award ceremony. At an additional cost it is possible to extend the package and let each group lead by a guide (15 persons per group/guide).


  • From 20 persons, no maximum

  • Duration: 5 hours

  • Price: depends on the number of persons (see above)

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